AutoGenesis Consulting

Providing automotive financial services consulting and advisory services

Automotive Financial Services

We've been supplying insights, knowledge and hands-on support to the automotive industry since 2013.


What we do is ...

AutoGenesis Consulting provides a range of specialist consulting and advisory services to

  • Businesses with an interest in the Automotive Financial Services sector, including vehicle manufacturers, captive finance companies, banks, and other independent financial services entities
  • Corporate and private equity backed businesses considering entering the Automotive Finance space
  • Dealers, SMEs and start-ups operating in the sector that may require additional expertise to address challenges and changes in their businesses

We've handled a wide range of significant consulting assignments for Volkswagen in Germany, Hyundai in the United States and Canada, a number of UK challenger banks and finance companies interested in entering the sector and for Cabot Square Capital, the private equity owner of JBR Capital.


AutoGenesis Consulting helps you resolve your strategic, operational and structural challenges

AutoGenesis Consulting can provide pragmatic, hands-on assistance to start-ups  and SME's to deal with a variety of strategic, functional and financial challenges including

  • improving operational and supply chain efficiency,
  • proactive risk management,
  • improving financial performance by minimising operational costs and overheads,
  • interim support during resource hungry merger and acquisition activities,
  • assisting owners prepare their businesses for sale.

In addition, AutoGenesis Consulting can offer guidance or take a lead role to support business owners in performing tasks they might find difficult to execute, such as cost cutting, downsizing or reorganisation.

Interim and Advisory Services

AutoGenesis Consulting can assist start-ups and SMEs in the service sector to increase the worth of their companies by providing practical support.

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